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This is a simple application with the function of calculating Ka and Ks. The program can be used to calculate Ka and Ks values for multiple sequences. It also offers the sliding window method for calculating Ka and Ks in multiple sequence alignments. It supports the calculation of the gamma model as well as the Jukes-Cantor and Kimura models.
It is based on the application of the gamma-series method of Ma and Zhu.
The application can be used for multiple sequence alignments with more than one sequence.
The user can set up a user-defined time window for each query sequence (see window mode and sliding window mode). It also offers different calculation strategies for Ka and Ks (see options).
Keymacro also offers the calculation of Ka and Ks values with the Jukes-Cantor model and the Kimura model.

“is not a number” error and different ways to fix it in Excel

Excel – “is not a number” error and different ways to fix it in Excel
Fri, 22 Sep 2012 12:03:23 +0000

In Excel 2003 and later, there is an error message – “is not a number” – when the numbers is too large. The numbers which cause the error include:

Many people might be thinking about how to edit a cell of Excel with the entire formula in the cell itself. There are three ways to do this:
1. The formula cell can be copied and pasted in another cell. This will turn the formula cell into another formula cell.
2. The formulae cell can be selected and cut to the clipboard (Control+X). Then paste in another cell.
3. Using the Paste Special function, the formulae cell can be pasted as values.

Dismissed and Memorandum Opinion filed March 17, 2010.
In The
Fourteenth Court of
NO. 14-09-00861-CV
DANNY J. NEAL, Appellee

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KEYMACRO Windows is a virtual serial-over-LAN radio. Your computer can be connected to the radio via RS-232, an IR-RTTY or a USB connection. You can transfer arbitrary data to the radio and listen to incoming messages.
KEYMACRO can be a standalone radio or part of a larger program. Its window can be opened by clicking the right button on the computer mouse and it also runs in batch mode. The radio can be used to record incoming messages from the radio station’s console using the included RECORD command, key in messages using a WYRS.WSC or a custom keyer.
The voice of the radio can be controlled with the keyboard. You can control the station using the keys 1 through 6 or using the F keys (the same keys as QSO KIT). You can also directly control the station’s radio functions.
Keynotes (on/off and fade):
The radio can be controlled by setting the R/S position to ON or OFF. Fading can be achieved by sending a decimal number (in the range 0 through 100, meaning OFF to OFF) to the station’s number.
4-digit numbers can be keyed into the station (19 – 59), each digit will be applied to the radio in the order that they are sent.
The station will switch to the WYRS.REC command if the R/S is set to ON and it will record the messages that are received at the same time.
The station will play a recorded message if the R/S is set to OFF and it will accept all incoming CQ and PTY messages, the PTY messages will be saved in a file.
If R/S is set to ON, the voice of the station is linked to the computer microphone and CQ’s and PTYs can be taken using the computer’s voice keyer software. This is a very useful feature when operating the station from an automobile.
It is also possible to control the station’s radio functions using the keyboard. F7 will mute the station, F9 will turn the station off, F8 will open the station and F1 through F6 will set the station to the various modes (transponder, CQ, PSK31, CQ, TX,…).
To move the station between modes you can send a two digit number (9 being the highest and 1 being the lowest) to the station. The radio will enter the mode corresponding to the number that is sent


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