Wrongfully Suspended From Social Media? ‘Robotic Lawyer’ DoNotPay Will Assist You Out

Many times, users on social media platforms find themselves locked out of their accounts. After wondering if they Tweeted something inflammatory, or posted an offensive Instagram caption, turns out sometimes the error is from the company’s end.

If you’re not an influencer or famous, social media companies can effectively suspend your account without offering a good chance of redressal. For instance, a woman named Thea-Mai Baumann who ran an Instagram account “@metaverse” was suspended for impersonation after Facebook became Meta.


To help people like Baumann, a “robot lawyer” is now available for help. Called “DoNotPay”, the lawyer offers automated legal services. Its new feature is about getting social media accounts unbanned, Engadget reported.

Better than customer service

Included in DoNoPay’s monthly subscription (which costs $36/₹2708), the service offers users an alternative to sending e-mails to various companies to raise concerns. After understanding what has happened to a user, DoNotPay sends a letter to the social media company in question, or more specifically, that company’s legal department.

DoNotPay’s CEO Joshua Browder told Engadget that “these platforms prioritize legal cases.” When one writes to customer service, companies may not take user concerns seriously. But by directly approaching legal departments, the company is stirred into action.

Twitter is biased

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DoNotPay’s robot lawyer also helps you create a legal backing for getting your account unbanned on social media platforms. In addition, the letter also carries a deadline for the company to respond. DoNotPay’s services work on a range of platforms – Instagram, PayPal, Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Tinder, YouTube, and even Twitch.

This service would not be of any help to those who were banned from a certain platform for violation of its terms. For those wrongfully terminated from a service, the chances of getting back your account with help from DoNotPay are 20 per cent.


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