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A driver that allows you to add custom macro keys to the Windows keyboard. It can be easily customized, and you can make it respond to several different events.

Surf’s Up is a robust, incredibly powerful app that enables you to surf the internet safely and easily. It’s a free program, which runs on Windows, that brings a lot of functionality.
It can prevent adware and other malicious software to install themselves on your computer, block webpages, or filter certain sites. However, it does so without affecting browsing experience.
You can easily configure the settings of Surf’s Up in the program’s main window. You may choose to block websites, or some IP addresses or keywords. In most cases, the settings are automatic, and you can simply choose what you want Surf’s Up to block, or let it do its work.
Surf’s Up has a unique features – it does not interfere with your PC, nor does it leave footprints. It does not require installation, it’s a portable application that does not require installation. Therefore, it runs from any location. You can move it to a hidden folder or to a sub-directory that is difficult to find.
KEYMACRO Description:
Keyboard macro recorder for Windows. It allows you to create keys and assign them to various tasks. You can record multiple or single keyboard actions and play them back later. It works with multiple keys at once, and you can control key behavior to record several keys simultaneously. The built-in editor allows you to add the special codes to your preferences.

Digicams is a robust, handy application that allows you to download and view images and videos from a digital camera. It supports numerous types of digital cameras, and can easily be configured to detect most of them.
The app is a free download, which does not require installation. You may move it to a sub-directory, which is difficult to find.
The program automatically detects the digital camera and enables you to view its photos and videos in the app. The app also allows you to download images to your computer.
You can choose the aspect ratio, rotate the photos, or save them to specific folders. You may also adjust picture quality, and set an unlimited number of file sizes and file names.
Fully customizable, Digicams is a convenient tool that does not have many limits. It works with both Windows XP and Windows 7.
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Keymacro is a program that allows you to easily record your favorite shortcuts, such as access to frequently used functions and dialog boxes, as macros. This way, you can save tons of time when using your computer. You can edit your macros using any text editor and can even take them with you when moving to another PC. Furthermore, you can transfer them between your devices, as you can take your macros with you on any type of device that supports Windows and Office macros. How does this app work?
The program is quite easy to use. If you want to record a macro, you have to select the desired menu item and then press on the record button. In order to stop the recording, just press on stop. Of course, you can record multiple macros as long as you want. You can edit these macros by adding or removing menu items as well as by repositioning the items. Another useful feature that the program offers is that you can write out the macros in a way that you will be able to understand them easily.
How reliable is this app?
When it comes to performance, Keymacro works pretty well. There is no lag when recording a macro or playing back a recorded one. The program offers support for Microsoft Office and Windows, so you can use macros to access various features of these programs. Despite this, the program does crash from time to time and you may have to restart it. It may be because of the fact that you have more than one application running, which may cause the program to run into some errors.
Panic Software Description:
Panic Software is a well-known developer of Windows games, and one of the most popular game portals available. Through its portal, you can download a wide variety of games, and not only – you can also play them online, get updates for your current games and build new gaming collections to enjoy them all. What does this app do?
Games are a big part of Panic’s portfolio, and its portal offers a wide variety of games, from adventure games to racing, action and strategy titles, so everyone can find a good match. The basic interface allows you to play games online, purchase them with a credit card, keep track of your collection, rate and review games and look for free games. There are also various downloadable utilities and filters, so you can customize the game portal to suit your needs. In addition to all of this, the portal offers a search feature that allows you to find games by genre, year of release, popularity

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