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The Punishererror Failed To Load Game : The Punishererror Failed To Load Game
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Category:Crowdfunded video games
Category:Online gambling companies of the United KingdomThe invention relates to a method for determining the position and/or the state of rotation of a phase-shifted electrical signal, wherein the phase-shifted electrical signal has a phase shift between two successive measurement points, and wherein an interference voltage is derived from the phase-shifted electrical signal, which interference voltage changes when the signal has reached a first measured phase, and a determination is made as to whether the signal has reached the first measured phase or has already passed through the first measured phase.
Furthermore, the invention relates to an arrangement for carrying out the method.
In many technical fields, particularly in industrial measurement and process technology, it is necessary for the purpose of process control to determine the position and/or the state of rotation of a signal. The signal may be a periodic signal with known frequency, i.e. a so-called reference signal, or a signal with unknown frequency, i.e. a process-relevant signal. In both cases, the position and/or the state of rotation of the signal is determined from the phase difference between the signal and a reference signal.
For the determination of the position and/or the state of rotation of the signal, it is conventional to use a so-called phase-locked loop. Here, a phase difference is formed between the phase of the signal and the phase of a reference signal, which reference signal is supplied to the phase-locked loop via a phase detector. The phase difference represents the position and/or the state of rotation of the signal. The phase-locked loop is then locked to the reference signal, such that the phase difference continually becomes zero. As a result, the phase difference of the signal is reproduced.
A phase-locked loop usually comprises a phase comparator, a filter, a

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