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It is important that your lawyer gets involved immediately and gets the police report and the driver’s blood tests to verify their BAC level.

The Palmetto state is one of the worst in the US when it comes to drunk driving. An average of 20,000 DUI arrests are made each year in South Carolina, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Thousands of people are injured every year because some drivers choose to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. If you’ve been injured in such an accident you should contact the best South Carolina drunk driving accident lawyers and let them help you get the compensation you deserve. 

The law is very clear. It is illegal to drive in South Carolina if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above 0.08%.  For commercial drivers who have a greater responsibility the limit is set at 0.04%, while those under the age of 21 cannot have any alcohol in their system if they drive.

If you were injured in a drunk driving crash in the capital city area, call a good Columbia drunk driving accident lawyer as soon as you are able to. It is important that they get involved in your case immediately and get hold of the police report and the driver’s blood tests to verify their BAC level. The higher the BAC the worse it will look for them when your case goes to trial.

In most car accidents, damages are usually settled out of court, but in DUI cases any experienced Charleston drunk driving accident lawyers will tell you that it’s best to sue the driver at fault as you can receive significant damages.

There are three types of damages you can claim after a DUI accident.

First of all, you can claim economic damages, covering all your medical bills, including physical therapy, as well as your lost wages. If you suffered a serious injury leaving you with a temporary or permanent disability you deserve to be compensated not only for the wages you lost while you were recuperating, but also for the future wages. This refers to the money you won’t be able to make if you cannot resume your old job and need lighter work, or if you won’t be able to work at all in the future.

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If you get yourself a Greenville drunk driving accident lawyer, they will also advise you on the non-economic damages you can claim. You have the right to be compensated for your pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life, if you’ve sustained life-changing injuries. If you lost someone in a drunk driving accident you can claim damages for the loss of companionship.

Finally, in DUI cases you can also ask for punitive damages. The drunk driver was clearly reckless when they got behind the wheel, so they deserve to be punished.

In South Carolina, punitive damages are capped at $500,000. However, if the driver was severely impaired by alcohol, there is no cap on the punitive damages you can get. All you need is a skilled lawyer to present your case before the judge. If the driver had a BAC of 0.15%, you might be looking at a 7-figure sum, obviously if the severity of your injuries warrants such a sum. 

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