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Manage your pigeons with ease using the Pigeon Loft Organizer application! Compatible with iOS 9.2 and up, Pigeon Loft Organizer allows you to keep track of your birds and their progeny, including records of ring numbers, color, strain, name, date hatched, pictures, pairing, breeding, and more. Create a database or upload it from your PC or Mac. From there, you can choose to assign ring number, name, and color to each bird. As you collect data, you’ll be able to track each bird’s past and future activities, including flights and races. If you own a hatchery and would like to get an estimate on the babies you’re about to hatch, you can use the app to quickly get a ballpark price. You can also add geographical information, such as pictures, and even add to the database with additional data. The Pigeon Loft Organizer is the most comprehensive pigeon tracking application available. You can track all your birds at once, or keep track of different categories. You can even track your pigeons from the app to your computer or mac. Pigeon Loft Organizer has the following features: Generate a record, manage breeders, upload and manage databases, categorize, export, import, start races, manage birds, manage hatcheries, show data, track flights, track races, track mates, view friends, view favorites, view progeny, and more. Show less

Birds of a feather can flock together – that’s the premise behind the flockings app, designed to bring birds with matching or similar characteristics together to increase their chances of producing viable offspring.
The app boasts the ability to display up to five birds at the same time, and features automatic identification of the birds and their proximity. Once data is entered, it’s stored in a private database and can be shared with friends through e-mail, text messages, or social media.
Flockings comes with a host of features, including the ability to identify the color and characteristics of birds. This is done by selecting colors for the body and head of birds in question, and the application then identifies and stores the applicable birds, along with their data.
As mentioned, the app can even scan in pictures, whereupon the program will identify and store the individual birds in question, with information about each of them attached.
The front end of the application is very intuitive, and features a color palette, which lets you choose the colors you want to eea19f52d2

Source code is available for download.
It includes a MIPS32 instruction set simulator.
Several interactive consoles are included for debugging or monitoring.
The MIPS16 instruction set simulator is optional.
The built-in assembler can be used to assemble and link programs.
The built-in debugger can be used to debug programs.

For further information check the project homepage.

The Irish singer and actress Amanda Brunker has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in the Irish film, Of Gods and Men.

Written by John Carney, the film is about two siblings – Conor (Jamie Dornan) and Gemma (Cillian Murphy) – who find out that they have a half-brother, Eamon (Gabriel Byrne), that they never knew about.

The Irish Independent explains how Brunker beat off competition from Juno, Into the Woods, Trainspotting and Melancholia.

She is in line for an Oscar and several other awards, which she won in 2009, for her role as Oonagh in the Irish play, Conversations with My Husband.

Originally from Dublin, she studied drama at Trinity College, Dublin, and gained her first experience of acting in the theatre with the Abbey Theatre before moving on to feature films.

Brunker was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) for her role in the 2008 film The Stag, which was adapted from the play by John Carney.

The Stag was an award-winner at several film festivals, including the International Film Festival of Santorini in Greece, the San Francisco International Film Festival, and the Indie Memphis Film Festival.

“He [John Carney] was in LA and he had just finished shooting the film Gods and Men, which is another film that I have starred in, so he called me up and said would I be interested in directing an Irish play in Ireland for three weeks and I said yes,” Brunker said in an interview with the Irish Independent.

“And I said I will pay for you to come over, so he [Carney] said ‘that’s great’ and he read the play and he asked me to direct it and I did and it was fantastic.”

Brunker was nominated for a Tony award for her role as Oonagh in the Of Gods and Men, and won the award for Best Actress in a Play.Q:

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