Protection attorneys argue Arbery’s prison previous ought to be offered to jurors

BRUNSWICK, GA (CBS46)–Two of Ahmaud Arbery’s accused killers appeared in a Brunswick, Ga. courtroom on Wednesday.

The presiding judge heard from attorneys representing father and son defendants, Gregory and Travis McMichael.

During Wednesday’s pre-trial hearing, defense attorneys asked the judge for permission to tell the jury if Arbery was on probation when he was killed.

Also, defense attorney Jason Sheffield argued Arbery’s mental health and past criminal history are relevant to the murder case.

Specifically, McMicahel’s attorneys want jurors to hear about Arbery’s 2013 arrest at a high school basketball game, as well as a 2017 arrest at a local Walmart for shoplifting. “Being in the neighborhood, being in the house, running away after being seen, and multiple attempts to detain Mr. Arbery. These are all the issues that need to be determined and we believe will be in the minds of the jury,” Sheffield said.

Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski responded by arguing Arbery’s criminal past had no relevance to the case since the defendants were not aware of Arbery’s record. “He fled because he was under no legal obligation whatsoever to talk to strangers who were trying to hit him with their pickup trucks and shoot him.”

Attorneys are scheduled to continue their arguments on Thursday before the presiding judge.

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