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Prime 25 Biglaw Agency Offers Out Extra Cash (On Prime Of Yr-Finish And Particular Bonuses)

As observers of Biglaw know, they love to play follow the leader when it comes to compensation. When it comes to year-end bonuses and the special COVID appreciation bonuses on top of that, enough of the top of Biglaw has announced that we know what numbers to expect from a firm to truly be considered elite. So, if a Biglaw firm is out there offering even more money to hardworking associates, well, that’s something to note.

Enter Goodwin Procter. The firm has previously announced their annual bonuses that included a special bonus component that — if you have the billables — puts compensation at the expected market rate. Yesterday, they announced an additional tech stipend of $1,000 (they previously handed out $500 in June to defray work-from-home expenses) for associates to use how they see fit to make this WFH life a little easier, no receipts needed (full memo on the next page):

In response to your feedback, we are awarding an additional one-time $1,000 work-from-home stipend to all eligible non-partner lawyers, science advisors and science law clerks in good standing. The gross payment of $1,000 (or the equivalent in your local currency, minus applicable taxes) will be paid in the December payroll to those who are employed on the payment date and who have not given notice.

As was the case with June’s payment, you may use this $1,000 stipend however you would like to make your work-from-home experience more comfortable and to defray any costs you have incurred. You will not need to submit receipts to justify payment of the stipend.

Goodwin really seems to be making an effort during this difficult time. They previously announced COVID appreciation bonuses for staff, something we’d love to see even more firms do. Of course, it hasn’t been all sunshine at Goodwin this year. Despite a ranking of No. 22 in the latest Am Law 100, they also conducted a series of staff and attorney layoffs earlier this year.

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