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Minos Activation Code is the first CAD system that can easily create directly an accurate three-dimensional CAD model.
Using Minos is not hard. It is user friendly and easy to use. And, is extremely easy to learn.
Minos includes many capabilities such as:
– Minos provides an intuitive visual environment in which the user can
– draw and place any object such as, lines, curves, surfaces, solids.
– Minos handles any 3D object created by the user.
– Minos allows the user to draw and edit text
– create images, see it in 3D, export to a wide variety of formats including IGES, VRML, OpenGL.
– Minos 3D viewer.
– Minos editor with three topologies.
– Minos Topology Editor.
– Minos can draw directly in a wireframe view and also in a solid view.
– Minos can be saved directly as an IGES or VRML file
– Minos supports RULE command for Ruled Surface.
– Minos supports various capabilities, such as:
– Minos handles the reality space as a virtual three-dimensional space.
– Minos handles Bounding volumes.
– Minos creates 3D surfaces by generating cutting planes.
– Minos is capable of operating with various coordinates systems.
– Minos is extremely user friendly and friendly for beginners.
– Minos 3D is an Open System.
– Minos can output to several popular formats including IGES and VRML.
– Minos Topology Editor and Topology viewer have extensive capabilities.
– Minos uses an OpenGL 3D window which is more efficient and much better than the built-in OpenGL window.
– Minos supports animation functions and includes a fast hidden line removal function.
– Minos supports various procedures such as 3D transformation, screen projection,
– history, debug output, saving, line control, etc.
– Minos has a powerful Topology engine
– Minos generates command lines to control the Minos and Minos commands.
– Minos provides various facilities to calculate parameters such as a radius, minimum radius,
– vertex and end offset, maximum angle, maximum radius, maximum radius of curvature.
– Minos also has an excellent text editor that is very powerful and allows a user to add notes,
– hypertext, simple mathematical formulas, etc.

cd Minos\Minos

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As required to build a 3D model and to display it.
Molecule properties:
Ribbon style molecule.
Standard chemical nomenclature.
There are 2 molecule types:
– Anions
– Cations
Molecule edit mode:
Molecule selected.
Each molecule is selected and highlighted in green.
The molecule representation will change to show the molecule structure.
On the right side of the screen, is a dynamic list of element symbols and
selected elements. The label of the selected element is displayed
as a bullet.
The style of the molecule can be modified in edit mode by using the Edit
mode button.
Choose Color, Line Style and Line Color, as required.
Edit mode properties:
Each molecule has a 3D edit mode properties for its choice of color, line
style, and line color.
Click the arrow button beside the color field.
Change color and line color as required, and choose a line style as required.
If you need to modify the line color, modify the object, not the color
settings. Click on an object, and choose Edit.
On the palette at the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of colors
that can be used to modify the color.
Click the Edit button, and choose a color from the palette.
Line style properties:
Choose a line style, and click the arrow button beside the style field.
Choose the line style and color you require.
When you are finished with the selection, click the OK button.
3D graphic properties:
Choose a 3D property for the selected object.
Molecule parameters:
Choose a molecule type.
Choose and change parameters as required.
Parameters need to be changed after you have finished using the Molecule
Editor. Molecule are editable only on the Molecule Editor.
Customize ribbon button:
Use to add new molecule to the current work.
Each ribbon button is available at the bottom of the screen.
Molecule drawing properties:
Apply effect to:
Line Style:
Line Color:

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The Minos application was designed to be a 3D CAD application for Solid design.
Some examples:
– Creating a line and changing its color
– Creating a 2D or 3D shape and combining several lines/shapes
– Intersecting lines/shapes
– Intersection with Bezier’s curves
– 3D solid model with lines/shapes
– 2D topology editing
– Incremental Solid system
– Real-time preview.
– 3D Topology system
– VGUI interface
– IGES input and output system
– Phyton / Shell interface.
– VRML output.

Minos is mainly designed for the 3D CAD and VRML environment.
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What’s New in the Minos?

Minos is a Solid Modeling System, or Solid CAD System, for technical 3D design and rapid prototyping. It allows the engineer to develop 3D conceptual models and generate geometry in a wide variety of formats (IFC, IGES, DXF, STL, VRML).
The operation of Minos can be split in three stages:
1- Model Creation
2- Mesh Creation
3- Geometry Display
The user interfaces are easy to learn and use. The operation of the two main displays is easy, with interactive animation. Minos allows the engineer to:
– Create conceptual models
– Mesh a model with a wide variety of meshes
– Geometrically display objects on arbitrary meshes
– Cut & fuse objects
– 3D design, animation and texture as a single application
– Drag & drop the assembly of objects for rapid prototyping
– View the model in perspective and section view
– The Minos user interfaces are based on Microsoft Excel.
The interface is fully customisable. Minos has been developed to handle as many CAD applications as possible. A wide range of additional features were developed:
– customisable user interfaces:
– configuration files
– many different user interfaces
– multi-screen interfaces.
– matrix interfaces
– modeling tools
– modelling sheets
– can write his own commands
– Textures
– OpenGL for the Geometrical displays
– MMOGE (Minos Object G.E.) file format
– Z.V. file format
– A.I. file format
– DAE file format
– DXF file format
– VRML output 2.0 compliant

Minos Story:
During its development Minos has been rewritten several times. The beta version 1.0 was released in August 2000.
The second version is called Minos.991 and it was released in April 2001.
This version was developed for users who have some experience of Solid Modeling Systems. The development team has succeeded in developing some new features,
but also fixed some minor bugs.
It’s design is that of a generic Solid Modeling System. It handles any type of objects, meshes, drawings or scenes.

Minos vs. Cube 3D:
There is a great deal of similarity between Minos and Cube 3D. Minos is based on the “type library” developed by Cube 3D. Some differences exist between Minos and Cube 3D,
and the object are not 100% compatible. So, a comparison between the two application is not possible.

Minos 3D Fundamentals:
Minos 3D is based on several other components, but the most important components are:
– The Geometrical Display.
– The Geometrical Modeling Tool.
– The Containment Tool.
– The 3D Modeling Sheet.
– The Cell Library.
– The Mesh

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7,
Intel Processor,
500MHz minimum,
512MB RAM (1GB recommended),
20GB hard disk space (2GB recommended),
DirectX® 9.0 compatible video card,
1024×768 minimum resolution
Discs & Media:
Game Manual
Only PC and Mac downloads available.
If you have any problems or questions, please use the comments area on this page.


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