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PuTTy is one of the best solutions for SSH connections. It supports advanced features that put it ahead of other similar applications. A user can log in to a remote server, perform ssh command-line activities and interact with other remote applications and tools. PuTTy supports many advanced features for controlling the terminal and other remote tools, such as terminal redirection, compression, sftp/scp/rsync support, configurable colors and protocols, automatic login and password, and other features. It is a popular terminal client. PuttyMOD is a stable and reliable version of PuTTy with additional features. It does not require installation. The system requirements are 64-bit Windows Vista or later, 400MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and 2GB of free space on the hard drive. There are two download versions of PuttyMOD. One is the evaluation version, which is free to try. The other is the full version, which is available for purchase.

Windows 10 – Automatic updates : Windows 10 currently runs a monthly update (released in late March 2018) which includes security patches and other improvements to make the operating system more secure. This patch can be viewed here : Automatic Windows 10 Update

Kodi Windows Media Center Support : If you want to install Kodi on your Windows 10 PC, you need to have installed the Windows 10 December 2018 Update first. After the update, the required Windows Media Center packages will be available for installation.

Wallpaper Changer : Wallpaper Changer can be used to select an image from your Pictures library and change the background image on your Windows desktop.

Xfce Shell Extensions : Xfce offers a number of extensions. Two of them, the indicator-plugin and the notification-plugin, can be used to add a system tray icon to show notifications about software updates.

Toggle touchpad : The touchpad can be enabled and disabled using the touchpad.conf file located in the /etc folder.

Yahoo Launcher2 : Yahoo Launcher2 is a new Yahoo Home Screen application, which has been released in 2018. It is very similar to the earlier Yahoo home screen, and offers some neat features like image search and maps.

SDL2 Launcher 2.0.1 : The application provides a complete open source package for the SDL2 video game library. The package includes an installer and an uninstaller, as well as a repository of more than 30 games.

The latest Windows 10 Pro, version 1809 eea19f52d2

– Track your time and manage your workflow.
– Manage and view projects, tasks, statuses, and time tracking.
– Manage your settings and identities.
– Create custom reports, per project, per individual, or on your entire team.
– Export your data in CSV, XLS, and PDF format.
– View and organize your tasks in a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
– Read-only support.
– Keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts.
– Demo application.
– Online, as well as, local testing environment.

Chi is an interactive and visual solution for high-availability system monitoring. Chi will help you monitor and manage your network infrastructure from a single and intuitive interface.
Chi is specifically aimed at monitoring an infinite number of endpoints.
Chi provides many features that help you to manage your infrastructure effectively.
These include:
– Graphical interface
– Keyword-based network inventory
– Basic stats
– Security
– Reporting
– Cloud support
– Alerts
– Packages management
– Watch-based filtering
Chi is based on two components:
– chi-core: a network monitoring and management tool with a visual interface.
– chi-apps: the management of the packages and the deployment of various packages.
Chi-apps is based on the Node.js framework and uses a modular architecture that will allow you to scale easily.
Chi-core provides a user-friendly interface that provides a quick and accurate monitoring.
The monitoring application uses a pluggable architecture which allows the use of different types of endpoints and data formats.



Docker – An open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run applications. With Docker, people and companies can take complete responsibility for their own applications and eliminate vulnerabilities and lock-in by moving applications into easily managed containers. It’s a fast, simple way to spin up and run applications, whether in development or in production.





Human Resources

Human Resources Manager is a time management application for hiring and managing your workforce. HRM helps you track each and every activity related to the recruitment and hiring process. It makes the manager’s job easy by providing a complete overview of all the stages in a hiring process. Through the use of a data visualization dashboard, the HR

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