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In 1877, a group of women in British Columbia recognized that they needed a vehicle to keep them active in the community, away from the tyranny of the overworked long-distance male wage-earners and the wife-dependent businesses. Through their successful mission of raising funds to support themselves and the students and teachers in their area, these women formed the association that is the inspiration for Pacific Northwest Beauty School. Our goal is to provide a place for women from all backgrounds and skill sets to find work that reflects their interests.

Our History

A group of BC women founded the Mississsippi Valley Mission in 1877. They recruited their community to help fund the establishment of a charitable institution for the deaf. It was the first school for the deaf in British Columbia and was later renamed Pacific Northwest Beauty School.

We are a registered charity in BC, Canada, and use a business and education certificate system to assess, register, and hire beauty professionals.Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s television network, MSLO TV, is launching a spinoff with Martha Stewart Living. The media company is launching the Martha Stewart Living TV channel, a new TV channel dedicated to programming for the brand. The MSLO TV network, which carries a slate of unscripted programming across multiple platforms, has been prepping the launch for several months. “MSLO TV has been creating an abundance of content that was inspired by our passionate audience,” Martha Stewart, who founded Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia with her husband, Jeff, said in a statement. “The Martha Stewart Living TV channel will be the perfect platform to feature our most popular programming, including home decor, recipe tips and travel adventures.” Martha Stewart Living TV will be available on MSLO’s TV Everywhere platforms, which include Dish Network, DISH, DirecTV, U-verse, Cablevision and Verizon FiOS. MSLO TV is set to launch in April 2014. (Filed under: Multimedia, Television)MORE: Google Gives Project Glass to University of Washington Researchers | Tough Choices Ahead for Google at I/OThursday, August 28, 2009

For all of you who follow my blog, you may already know that my mom, stepdad, and I are all going to be in Arizona at the end of the month. I’m going to a high school reunion in Flagstaff, AZ, and will be there


ISO 15550 free download. official iso standards and it formats. ISO 15550 is a technical standard that describes how to determine the condition of a well operating engine. The standard document is used by ISO member countries.

The standard has been adopted as a standard by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – for “Reciprocating internal combustion engines”,
ISO 20700 – Application of ISO 3166 Codes for Electrical and Electronic Products and Services – for “Reciprocating internal combustion engines”

See also
ISO 15254 – Pressure vessels – Determination and method for the test of flammability of fuel and oxidizing agent mixtures
ISO 15266 – Industrial processes – Determination and method of corrosion
ISO 16928 – Gas analysis – Determination of carbon dioxide
ISO/IEC 17021 – General requirements for the competence of testing and certification bodies

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Category:ISO standards5 Top Science Questions of the Day: Why Do Some Planes Have A White Stripe, And Why Do Airlines Charge Extra For Certain Flights?

Enlarge this image toggle caption Kristin Salzwedel/AP Kristin Salzwedel/AP

The U.S. is still reeling from a deadly airplane crash, and many of the questions currently being asked are not about the immediate aftermath of the accident or the fate of the victims. Instead, questions like: “What was the cause of the crash?” and “Why were there no warning signs before the crash?” have dominated the news.

The Associated Press did a nice job listing some of the questions that are being asked right now in this report:

“Why do some planes have a white stripe on the nose? Why do some airlines charge extra for certain flights? Why don’t planes have a flashing light that tells a pilot how high the plane is?”

The white stripes on planes are a navigational aid, providing information about the plane’s orientation.

Why do some airlines charge extra for certain flights?

There are two common reasons for this practice.

The first is whether the flight is considered a high-demand flight or a low-demand flight.

A high-demand flight is a flight that is bound for a popular


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