Is Trevor Bauer’s case nearing a choice from district attorney’s workplace?

We’d all like some closure here, and for many different reasons. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer, who only remains under contract and employed by MLB likely because of union stipulations, is awaiting a response from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in regard to the sexual assault allegations levied against him.

Bauer was place on administrative leave by Major League Baseball back on July 2 and has since all but officially been exiled from the sport. The Dodgers canceled his bobblehead night. His merchandise has been removed from MLB-affiliated stores. The team has hardly acknowledged last year’s blockbuster signing even when asked about him.

He’s attempting to make a return to relevancy with his activity on social media, but many objective Twitter users would say he’s been unsuccessful. Nobody really wants to hear from him, and just about everyone wants a decision on his case after six long months.

Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. The DA office, especially with cases involving high-profile individuals, exercises caution when handing down charges. But could we be nearing the beginning of the end?

Here’s the latest from Britt Ghiroli of The Athletic (subscription required), answering a question about when the LA District Attorney’s office will make a decision on Bauer’s case:

“This is where it gets interesting. While each case is different, taking more than four months to render a decision is pretty atypical. Multiple sources indicated Bauer’s case won’t be decided one way or the other until at least January and it has little, if anything, to do with the holiday. A case as high-profile as Bauer’s will command more scrutiny, regardless of whether the DA decides to charge Bauer or not.”

The other problem after the case is decided? There’s a lockout at the moment, and while MLB is still allowed to gather information and interview subjects that might be able to provide insight, it’s unclear if the league will be able to conduct the player interview with Bauer once we get to that point (Ghiroli notes it’s usually the last step in the process).

All in all, MLB can’t move forward without a decision from the DA office, which is the main reason we haven’t gotten any updates/news regarding a suspension or potential void of contract (which would be another significant obstacle).

All Dodgers fans are hoping is that there’s a proper resolution here before the start of 2022, especially after learning of Yasiel Puig’s settlements from 2017 getting swept under the rug.

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