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KeyMacro is a way to enter special characters that are normally not available on the keyboard. If no keyboard is found, the plugin will generate a keyboard layout suitable for this function.
Barcode Macros:
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_OPTION
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_OBJECT
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_MEMORY
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_COUNT
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_DAT
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_KEY
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_DISPLAY
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_OUTPUT
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_WIDTH
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_POSITION
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_CLIPPING
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_BAR
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_POSITION
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_NUMBER
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_REFILL
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_INFO
macrotext =[ \r

\t\a ]#define PTLABEL_TEXT
macrotext =[ \r
\ 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a MIDI programming software, which allows you to program any MIDI instrument with just a few mouse clicks. KEYMACRO has an intuitive graphical user interface, allowing you to quickly import the MIDI data from your MIDI hardware and edit them with your own settings. You can adjust the configuration on each MIDI channel, assign the data, and edit the input and output of each event. The program automatically recognizes the metadata of the instrument, but you may edit and add them as necessary.
For example, KEYMACRO can render the MIDI signal from the electronic keyboard, control the note sequencer, take the note events from the hardware or wirelessly read them from a MIDI scanner. You can also import the MIDI data from the Casio PX-5 or one of its compatible devices, thus you can play the piano with your MIDI keyboard and microphone.
Supported Instruments
The following instruments are fully supported:
• MIDI keyboards and other MIDI hardware
• Electronic pianos
• MIDI-sequencers
• DAWs, including Logic and Cubase
• Optical
• Line-in
MIDI Channels
• 8
• MIDI commands
You can control one or more instruments from your keyboard, using the on-screen graphical user interface. You can also open any MIDI device, such as the music workstation or synthesizer, and capture the events for future use. You can also set the instrument to record data, such as MIDI data from a MIDI keyboard or synthesizer, and add the MIDI information to the current project.
Color scheme
You can choose from four different color schemes for displaying MIDI data:
• Standard – it shows the MIDI channel and MIDI number
• Connections – it shows the connections status and the output MIDI signal
• Status – it shows the status of the MIDI channel
• Meta – it shows the current instrument used, its serial number, the MIDI channel and the pitch
MIDI Function
You can select the device to be controlled, define MIDI commands, assign channels, add MIDI event types, and configure the settings of the MIDI channel. You can even program all of the software using the Keyboard Macro Editor.
Keyboard Macro Editor
You can define the MIDI commands by editing the code of each MIDI command. Each command corresponds to a button on the keyboard. Every button on the keyboard has a unique code, allowing you to define the keyboard macro function.


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