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Category:Carnatic musicAfshin Najafi

Afshin Najafi is a contemporary Iranian artist and art scholar.

Najafi was born in Tehran and currently lives and works in London, UK. He graduated from the University of Tehran with a masters degree in Political Geography. He received his Ph.D from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London where his dissertation focused on Art, Identity, and Social Space under the supervision of Antoine Balandier.


Najafi’s artistic practice includes video, photography, installation, and drawing. His work is often investigated through questions of power and representation. Although he is a social activist by background and initially entered art practice with a political aim in mind, Najafi’s work has moved away from political agendas and is now instead focused on “multicultural issues, history and memory. His current approach is a critique of the limitations of a Eurocentric curatorial approach that is too often practiced in the West”.

He employs a variety of techniques, including 3D digital sculpture, photo-montage, photography, installation, video, and drawing.

Najafi has worked at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Boston Center for the Arts, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kettle’s Yard, and the Edinburgh Napier University.

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Afshin Najafi: Blood and Water on Antidote

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Ganamrutha Bodhini || Ganamrutha : Part 1 of Bodhineni. Review by: Sangeetha Vidwan Iyer The Author of this book is Sangeetha Vidwan Iyer. It was published by the name of Sangeetha Vidwan Iyer in 2013.
Ganamrutha Bodhini – Part 1 – Gana Music and Dance
Ganamrutha Bodhini- Part 1, Ganamrutha. By the way i did’t download this book yet. Gana music and dance The book is on the list of To-be-read books page but it was not here. Ganamrutha is one of the most popular books written by Sangeetha Vidwan Iyer, a music teacher (Kanchi Kamakoti Vidyalaya, Chennai) and a music researcher.
Ganamrutha Keerthana Malika Part I to X in the series of books for music. Ganamrudha Bodhini Sangeetha Bala Paadam – Tamil (Book).

Part 1 – Pachaka Varnam.

Part 2 – Varisha Varnam (Arasiyal Dance).

Part 3 – Devanga Varnam.

Part 4 – Gana Varnam.

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