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Join all the Mac video screen capture software into one stand-alone application. Capture live or stored video, audio, and images from the Mac. Works with any resolution, frame rate, format, or bit depth.

PictChat Video Chat for iPhone and iPod Touch is a video calling app for iPhone and iPod Touch. With PictChat, you can make free video calls to anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch. It is a perfect replacement for Skype, if you don’t want to pay for your calls.
PictChat provides the following features:
1. It is FREE
2. It is cross platform: Mac, iPhone/iPod, and iPad users can make free video calls to each other.
3. The calls are video calls. You don’t need to download any special software.
4. It is easy to use. Just choose the contacts and start the call.
5. It is safe and confidential. There is no need for you to share your credit card information.

KeyLogger is a stealth key logger, secret key logger, pass key logger, password key logger, login key logger, login keystroke logger, password stealer, password sniffer, to record keystrokes or passwords, record passwords from a program in real time, steal passwords.
Record the keyboard and all password from any application without installing software and still work in stealth mode!
Powerful utility with an easy to use interface!
It can capture login information when the user is typing in a password and capture sensitive information like credit card number and bank account information. It can also capture passwords from any software, without having to install software, which is not easy to do and usually will not work!
Work is very easy to use. All that is required is to install the program on the computer and press the start button. The program will start capturing information from all programs, including the passwords entered into Web sites.
You can also capture the login information entered into Web sites, including credit card numbers and bank account information.
The program is very easy to use, you just need to enter the language that you want to capture, and you are ready to go.
It is very powerful! It has a full function set that includes advanced logging features, keystrokes, URL’s, Windows, passwords, cookies and a free and easy to use keylogger configuration tool.
You can now capture what you want from anywhere and everywhere. It is a spy tool with a keylogger, a password 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a simple macro recording and playback utility. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux and is available in the main menu of your system.
KEYMACRO provides you with an easy-to-use interface where you can record and playback any key combination (such as a keyboard, mouse and joystick combination) that you can select from. You can also set up the playback of your recorded key combination as a hot key.
KEYMACRO is not suitable for general users, since you must have basic knowledge of the Windows or MacOS environment in order to use it.


If I may make a suggestion…
I have a similar problem, where I want to run some command on something else than my whole keyboard, but my keyboard is not my whole screen. I would simply create a shortcut on my desktop or the taskbar, and run the command from there.
Some searches on Google, lead me to a program called SWS and I found it working quite well. This does not work on Linux, but they have a Windows version too, which I have not tried.


Your keyboard can be seen as a computer, and you have to input your commands to your keyboard (which is a mouse).
If you don’t have a mouse, then how to do you input commands?
In general, you can use a notebook, a tablet, or any other device that has a keyboard and a mouse.
If you want to automate your PC with the keyboard, you could have a look at this answer.

Nearly four in five adults (80%) in the United States say they are online, with half of these users experiencing broadband speeds of less than 10 Mbps.

Despite these statistics, only about one in five (21%) adult Internet users in the United States say they have broadband speeds of 10 Mbps or higher. Among the 26% of U.S. adults who have slower broadband speeds, 53% say their broadband service is not fast enough.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project (IALP), conducted in conjunction with the New America Foundation, found that broadband adoption rates are as low as they have been in decades.

“This marks the third consecutive year that a majority of U.S. adults have reported that they are not using high-speed Internet at home,” said Lee Rainie, director of the IALP. “Even as the majority of adult Internet


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