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Perform periodic backups, and instantly secure and upload them to your website

Rescue the system and the data in the case of a PC crash

Backup files regularly and retrieve them on an external storage media

Convert a picture or audio to video by capturing the live action

Perform hardware maintenance so the system functions as smoothly as possible

View software inventory per category and mode, customize settings, or activate automatic monitoring of system resources on a regular basis 66cf4387b8

UpDowntree allows you to turn on or off various services, like web-browsing, typing by email or text messaging, as well as run the system as a system service.
This tool installs certain services that you may not need, and you can control them from a Windows Settings page.
The main screen of this utility gives you a simple interface, and you are allowed to start the service, view information about it, and send controls to it.

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