by Arthur S. Phillips
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. Jesús de Nazareth was born at the family estate of Nazareth (in Galilee) on August 19, 1491, at approximately eight o’clock at night. According to a tradition preserved by the church, when the Virgin Mary saw the child being born, she exclaimed, and the words were addressed to Joseph, who heard them and exclaimed, “He has saved the nation!” The Virgin Mary then asked her cousin Elizabeth what she should name her son, and Elizabeth pointed to the child and said, “He has saved the nation!” The parents of this child named him Jesus, and he was named by the ancients of many names, which include Christ, Christ the King, Christ, the Good Shepherd, Christ the Conqueror, Christ the Center, Christ the Redeemer, Christ the Sun. It is also said that he should have been called Christ the Healer and that he had promised to heal all the sick on earth, if they prayed to him.
by Byra W. Hill-Thomas
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. So it is that, if we are like Greek sense and assign a place to the soul as indivisible and as abiding in the body, we must beware of subordinating the body to the soul and as foreclosing the body from the best of its powers. The soul, conceived as the indwelling soul, is the divinity; the body is a lower kind of being, a temple, and thus the greatness of the soul is always manifested in the manifestation of the body. Thus the soul is not merely a celestial and divine something, as Plato holds, that is lost in the body. The soul is a part of the divine, which abides in a corporeal fashion. The body is the temple of the soul. What the soul is, it is for the body to discover. That the intellect may discover the nature of the soul, we need think not of the soul as something apart from the body, and not let the body’s life be ruled and directed by an idea or an abstract notion of the soul; but rather we need to think of the body as the home and the business of the soul.
by Britta J. McKillop
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. These sessions are the writing of the discourse and the debate, but, in- deed


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In what way is $\sqrt{2}$ a fraction?

What exactly does the notation $\sqrt{2}$ mean in math? It’s not a ‘common fraction’, there is no denominator or numerator.


It means the unique positive root of the equation $x^2=2$.


If $x$ is a real number, then $\sqrt x$ is the positive root of the equation


“$\sqrt{}$” means “positive root”. So it is a positive number and therefore $\sqrt{2}$ is a real number.



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