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SarynPaint is a free children’s paint app for Windows Phone 8. It’s designed to encourage creative development and promote creativity in children.

It’s very easy to use, requiring little explanation of operation. The app is supported by version 1.0.14 of Microsoft’s Silverlight runtime (SL). You can find this version under the Programs and Features option in Windows Phone 8’s Settings menu. It was released by Microsoft on February 25, 2013.

Setting and Gallery:
1. Setting
1.1. You can register SarynPaint by logging into your Microsoft account or by creating a new account. When you register, you will be given an application ID.
1.2. You can choose to include drawing styles in your drawing. When you choose to draw with a style, you will see a drawing style menu at the top left.
1.3. You can choose to include drawing tools in your drawing. When you choose to draw with a tool, you will see a drawing tools menu at the top left.
1.4. You can select colors or change the colors in the application menu.
1.5. You can select multiple colors or clear the selected color from the palette by clicking on the selected color or clicking on the top left clear button.
1.6. You can use the touch screen or stylus pen.
1.7. You can change the drawing mode.
1.8. You can save the drawings using the Save option.

2. Gallery
2.1. You can download other drawing images from the Gallery application.
2.2. You can start drawing with any of the art tools or a color.
2.3. You can delete an image from the Gallery application.

While the design is well done, I’m still not sure what I would call it, if it’s a drawing app or a paint app. Since there’s both a paint mode and a drawing mode, I guess it’s the latter.

The app is free, so I can only give it a 3-star rating, but I’m very thankful that Microsoft’s designed it and released it as free. I have received many complaints from the older generation that they can’t just use their smart phone to do stuff that the children are using. And although it’s free, it’s a nice effort for Microsoft, I can say that.



Before buying this app, you may eea19f52d2

Demonstrates properties of vector fields. You may select one of many vector fields from the Setup menu in the upper right.
The applet shows the potential surface of the vector field, with particles following the field vectors. You may click and drag with the mouse to rotate the view. Also some of the field selections have parameters which may be adjusted.
There is also a 3-D version of this applet (a version with 3-D fields, that is). This version only does 2-D fields, but unlike the 3-D version it can display the potential surface, curl, and divergence, and can also demonstrate Green’s theorem and the divergence theorem.
Get 2-D Vector Fields Applet and take it for a spin to see what it’s really capable of!
Free for commercial use. No ads, no registration required.
This is not an official Ph.D. V.F. applet, or anything like it. It is merely a demonstration of many of the v.f. and vector properties. Feel free to use this applet in your own work.
All copyrights reserved. This is my personal work, so please don’t alter this and distribute the “source” code.
Recent Changes
-v 1.5:
-Merged a couple of header files from another v.f. applet, which is now no longer included.
-Added an example for the representation of gradient fields.
-Added an example for the representation of magnetic fields.
-Added an example for the representation of electric fields.
-Added a few new field types to the menu.
-Changed the scale for gradient fields to emphasize the magnitude of the field vectors.
-Added a new demonstration of the curl of vector fields, based on a loop.
-Updated the sampling of the vector fields in the applet to improve speed.
-Fixed the memory leak when testing for divergence on large vector fields.
-Fixed bugs in the demo for the representation of gradients.
-Improved the documentation on the Use menu.
-Implemented the ability to display the gradient surface directly in a viewer window.
-Added some missing code for Vectormath.
-Added some missing documentation to the Use menu.
-Updated the documentation on the Help menu.
-Added a new demonstration for vector fields to the Help menu.
-Fixed bugs in the documentation for the vector field parameters.
-Fixed bugs in the API for the v


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