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The Madras Cafe (1991) – IMDb

Plot: A movie that takes the audience along for a ride inside the head of an Indian immigrant in New York City who uncovers a conspiracy that has the elements of any epic novel.
The Madras Cafe is a 1991 Indian drama film, co-written and directed by R. Balki, and based on the 1951 novella The Madras Cafe by Indian author and Nobel laureate, . The Madras Cafe (1991) | Movie Reviews. … Read more Online The Madras Cafe (1991) – IMDb: Detailed Movie Review, Plot Summary, Set Reports, Location Details.
Based on the novella “The Madras Cafe” by Indian author and Nobel laureate — and the 1992 movie directed by R. Balki — Siddharth is a Madras-born Indian American waiter who aspires to be a restaurant mogul and whose world is altered when he comes into contact with a Korean immigrant who may be about to stage a coup d’etat in the world of New York restaurant-owners.
The film’s title refers to the Tamil word for the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Cauvery city — “Madras”. The film opens with a scene of the two men sitting in a restaurant. The Korean says that he wants to buy New York’s most famous Chinese restaurant, and explains why, as an Indian, he’s interested in a store that was founded by an Indian.
It becomes evident that the Korean hopes to gain support for his coup from different pro-India right-wing groups and that the only reason he comes to New York is to contact the Indian, whom he calls “a friend”.


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