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Whether you are making your own custom pivot tables or viewing the results of an SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cube loaded with thousands of rows, Vivid scales with your dataset to come up with the simplest and most efficient formulas. You’ll find your time is now spent putting insights together for your clients, rather than working to understand how Vivid can solve that problem.

You may select your own unique format to view your data in or you may 66cf4387b8

All Sound Recorder Vista Studio is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese. Read our full review »

FlatEarth Music, an all-in-one music organizer and music editor, includes a powerful recording tool for audio. Designed for users with zero experience in recording sound in Windows, FlatEarth Music will tell you all you need to know about audio file recording with a quick set of easy-to-understand tutorials.

You can use FlatEarth Music as a digital multi

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