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— Support QuickTime 7.0 video playback with the swf player in OS X 10.6
— Added support for the mouse hover effect
— Fixed a bug in QuickTime 7.0 playback in OS X 10.6 which caused the cursor to not be recognized
— Allows you to have multiple images for a slideshow
— Fixed a bug in QuickTime 7.0 playback when there is a scaling of the video image while having multiple images.
— New command “Turn off quick time 7.0 playback”
— New command “Exit Quicktime 7.0 playback”
— New command “Take Screenshot”
— New command “Invert video”
— New command “Select All”
— New command “Undo”
— New command “Redo”
— New command “Go to frame”
— New command “Go to scale”
— New command “Go to zoom”
— New command “Go to filter”
— New command “Go to shadow”
— New command “Go to glow”
— New command “Go to bevel”
— New command “Go to darken”
— New command “Go to lighten”
— New command “Go to blur”
— New command “Go to screen”
— New command “Go to color select”
— New command “Go to overlay”
— New command “Go to combine”
— New command “Go to lighten from black”
— New command “Go to shadow”
— New command “Go to blend”
— New command “Go to multiply”
— New command “Go to Screen blend”
— New command “Go to overlay”
— New command “Go to lighter”
— New command “Go to darker”
— New command “Go to blur”
— New command “Go to none”
— New command “Go to soft drop shadow”
— New command “Go to hard drop shadow”
— New command “Go to soft glow”
— New command “Go to hard glow”
— New command “Go to softer drop shadow”
— New command “Go to harder drop shadow”
— New command “Go to soft blur”
— New command “Go to harder blur”
— New command “Go to fade in”
— New command “Go to fade out”
— New command “Go to fade in reverse”
— New command “Go to fade out 384a16bd22

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This small program will help you to replace “@@@” symbols in the lines of a text file by “#”. These symbols will be used to refer to coordinates in AutoCAD, like “point X” or “point Y”.
1. Right click on the lines you want to use in AutoCAD
2. Create new macro and make sure to place it in the folder of your macro file.
3. Paste your macros, one by one.
“To replace @@ symbols in the lines of a file by # symbols, you may use the following:
LOCATE1 = InStr(@@text, “@@@”)
LOCCOL2 = InStr(@@text, “.C”)
LOCACOL3 = InStr(@@text, “l”)
LOCDAT4 = InStr(@@text, “o”)
LOCLOC5 = InStr(@@text, “c”)
LOCXLOC6 = InStr(@@text, “,”)
LOCYLOC7 = InStr(@@text, “,”)
LOCF11 = InStr(@@text, “S”)
LOCF12 = InStr(@@text, “S”)
LOCF13 = InStr(@@text, “s”)
LOCF14 = InStr(@@text, “s”)
LOCF15 = InStr(@@text, “x”)
LOCF16 = InStr(@@text, “x”)
LOCF17 = InStr(@@text, “y”)
LOCF18 = InStr(@@text, “y”)
LOCF19 = InStr(@@text, “z”)
LOCF20 = InStr(@@text, “z”)
LOCF21 = InStr(@@text, “Z”)
LOCF22 = InStr(@@text, “Z”)
LOCF23 = InStr(@@text, “l”)
LOCF24 = InStr(@@text, “l”)
LOCF25 = InStr(@@text, “d”)
LOCF26 = InStr(@@text, “d”)
LOCF27 = InStr(@@text, “L”)
LOCF28 = InStr(@@text, “L”)
LOCF29 = InStr(@@text, “A”)
LOCF30 = InStr(@@text, “A”)


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