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– Render/Process: a comprehensive sampler with a powerful multi-layer manager for playing loops, creating midi files, and editing loops.
– And a built-in modern sampler-editor for visualizing and setting the waveform, pitch, amplitude, envelope and cut-off (cut-off ‘edit’ curve) parameters.
– Pro Tools-like selection features, in which you can select exact samples by clicking on them and cut them out by a simple click.
– Many other powerful features such as a volume-filter, a compressor/expander, a nice and sound-concise reverb-editor, etc.
– Ability to read/write native file formats: WAV, AIFF, AU, MPC, MSP and more.
– Retouch: some useful filters for retouching your loops, and a powerful retouching brush.
– Cutting: cut and paste chunks of sample material at your will and with any size, and without any overlapping.
– Warp/Stretch: the ability to change the pitch and time of a sample by stretching or warping it on a given proportion or with a sliding timeline.
– Envelope: an envelope editor for adjusting and fine-tuning the curve of a selected or all loops.
– Grow/Bump: let the amplitude grow or shrink as you move the audio cursor.
– Absolute precision: a 100% accurate editor for pitch and time.
– Exact sample selection: use mouse clicks to select exactly the samples to be changed, cut or dropped.
– Integrates with LAoE to provide a complete editing system.
– Access to the internal sample files of LAoE through its file manager.
– Highly intuitive and easy to use.
– A graphical editor for adjusting sample volumes with different levels of detail.
– Numeric editor for changing sample parameters such as frequency and amplitude in text boxes.
– Several modes for adjusting and editing samples.
– A built-in spectrum editor.
– Sample auto-layering mode.
– Ability to batch-rename all files to support larger projects.
– History of editing.
– A clean and well-organized menu for easy navigation.
– A very fast working system thanks to its optimized GUI and the efficient use of OpenSource components.
– Ability to change the file extension of a sample:
– Compress: to compress a sample and save as.mp3,.wav,.a 70238732e0

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This application aims to provide a method to quickly change the case of a paragraph. It can handle standard case changing options, as well as support for a lone-run program to properly format your paragraphs.

For a quick change of the case, ‘Lower/Upper case conversion’ is a smart way to help you with your formatting and presentation. For a more sophisticated approach, ‘Title Case’, ‘Small to Big’ or ‘Big to Small’ make your text presentable with the same ease, but by making it easier to read.
For more information, see the other articles on our website:
[@ Synapse Desktop]
[@ Synapse PDF]
* * *
{ #note }
How to use
Double-click the program’s icon to load it into Synapse.
Select a text file to format, then press the ‘Format’ button to apply the changes.
* * *
{ #note }
License: GNU General Public License version 2
Copyright Synapse Group, LLC. All rights reserved.
* * *

USB2ZIP USB version – allow you to use you Flash drives as Zip drives (support for ZIP format, ROOT, AIX, CAB, RAR, ISO, BIN and other archive formats)

If you want to store your images, videos, documents, you can use the portable USB flash drive for doing it, but this kind of problems – such as it would be necessary to unzip the files that you have saved in it, or vice versa to unzip a file of another format in a flash drive that you are using.
USB2ZIP USB version solves this problem by creating a Flash drive, that only has read-only storage of a user-selectable files. The program has been designed with the idea that all files are zipped in a single file, and you can simply run this application as an archive manager. Then, just unzip the compressed archive.
The main idea behind it is that your flash drive would be recognized as a Zip drive.
You can choose from the list of archive formats that you would like to support. After you have selected the format of the archive, choose the files that you want to store in

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