KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder and player for Mac OS X. It allows you to record any key strokes, even multiple key strokes, and play the recorded key strokes back in any order, allowing you to easily create custom keyboard shortcuts to complete any custom task.
Keyboard shortcuts can be recorded at two different levels:
– Recording the key strokes as you type
– Recording the key strokes as they are typed
This is a great feature, because it allows users to have their own set of keyboard shortcuts to customize their Mac experience.
KEYMACRO is a free version, but you can pay a one time fee to unlock the paid version with an easier interface. There is no trial version of this application, so you will have to download it right away.
Users have given KEYMACRO a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating, making this application a top keyboard shortcut recorder and player on Mac.
Keyboard shortcuts are great for easily and quickly completing repetitive tasks. These are the commands that you can use to perform custom tasks, making your life easier. Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts include:





Use these keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier when using your Mac. You can record a keyboard shortcut so you can easily perform a repetitive task without having to use a mouse.
Macworld Reviews
One of the most amazing things about a computer is that it lets you do all sorts of things with very little effort. However, many of these things require that you access the computer’s main menu. It is therefore easy to forget the keyboard shortcuts that you are used to and end up using the mouse to achieve what you want to.
This can lead to frustration in itself and also take up a lot of time. This is where Keyboard Shortcuts comes in. It allows you to record any keyboard shortcuts for easy and fast access to any of the programs you use.
Keyboard Shortcuts also helps in training new users on the keyboard shortcuts that they are used to. It is also a great way to teach your children how to use their computer safely.
This application lets you record keyboard shortcuts as you are typing them or even when you are just sitting at your desk and looking at the screen. You can also record different ways of doing the same thing as well as the shortcut itself.
What makes Keyboard Shortcuts different is the use of an electronic voice recorder that can record all of 93076646e9

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Edificius is a BIM application designed to help you design and manage any type of building project. It features a user-friendly interface, an incredibly comprehensive set of tools for you to develop the project and a highly efficient 3D rendering engine. It doesn’t matter what type of project you are working on or what your client needs, Edificius will make sure that you do it with professionalism and by using the latest technologies to offer a real eye-catching 3D design.
Using a classic but easy-to-read and intuitive interface, Edificius puts you in the center of everything you need to design your project. It includes a project explorer, a toolbar with all of the tools that you need, a properties panel that comes in handy when editing objects and a drawing space where you can place objects.
Design all in 3D
Edificius features a completely new, 3D based drawing that helps you design, model, visualize and render your project. With it, you can manipulate objects by dragging their nodes, while all the objects properties are shown when double-clicking on them.
Create and create
Edificius includes all the tools that you need to create a complete building project. You can design all kinds of surfaces, windows, doors, openings, walls, floors, stairs and columns, among other objects which you can easily include or exclude according to your needs. You can create models and populate them with drawings and 3D renderings with the click of a button.
High quality 3D rendering
Edificius comes with a powerful 3D rendering engine that enables you to create high quality 3D renderings for your project. You can create a 2D perspective or a 3D walk-through, at any angle or with multiple views.

Design and create your own architectural model of a building using this amazing free software, specially created for Architecture, Landscape and Construction professionals.
“I have been a licensed architect and designer for over 40 years, and this BIM program is absolutely the best I’ve ever used. It’s intuitive, easy to learn, and it’s better than anything I’ve ever used for architectural design.”
— Chuck Luhmann, President of Luhmann Design Studio
“I’ve tried a number of different software packages to create architectural designs.
One thing is for sure: none of them is as easy to use as this one.”
— Adam

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